Jesus  gave the Church the command to make disciples. The message of the gospel is the most important news we can ever share. As you meet people and begin to  introduce them to Christ, these are two helpful methods to become familiar with. 

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In our fast paced world, we rarely have time to have a long conversation with someone we meet in passing or even someone we have see in a place we frequently visit. When we take a moment to talk about Jesus and salvation with them,, we want to be clear, concise and give them correct information. We are giving directions to lead them to the most important Person! The “Romans Road” is one method of using verses from the Book of Romans to show the necessity of salvation as well as the hope given in Christ. It is a type of map that can make help us show a direct path to Jesus for hose who are lost. 

  • ROMANS 3:23
  • ROMANS 3:10
  • ROMANS 5:12
  • ROMANS 6:23
  • ROMANS 5:8
  • ROMANS 10:9, 10
  • ROMANS 10:13
  • ROMANS 10:17