Men's ministry

Sunday Mornings @ 9:00 a.m. Men need men to talk too, relax with and grow with. Too often, spirituality and leadership have been relegated to the women, but real men love Jesus, too. Jesus has real man adventures for us to participate in together. One of these adventures is our once a week meetings to let down our guard with no fear and get real with one another. God did not create us for isolation but to have community. Let’s do it. Serving: We will be serving others as needs arise, whether it be in our church or community. Most of all, our kids need to see men act like men, behave like men, fail like men, live for God like men, and serve like men. When we do this, there is almost a 50% chance that our children will continue to go to church and serve God for the rest of their lives. I don’t know about you, but that alone is a good enough reason to come out to our men’s group. See you here Sunday!

For more info contact: Steve Petrecco